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Tips for decoration of your perfect bedroom

perfect bedroom

The decoration of bedroom plays very important role in your emotion as well as your sleep.

In generally, you should choose the tone soft and elegant. Try using elegant or warm colors such as vanilla cream, light green, lavender… because they create a quiet which brings comfortable feeling while the strong colors will stimulate the nerves that take disadvantage to a deep sleep. Colors which are too cold as well as applied on a large area will make more stress and difficulty to relaxing. For a long time, it is easy to be depression. If you are thinking of painting the bedroom wall with a different highlight color, consider about the same color of a number of decorations because, this way will create warm, relaxed perfect for your bedroom. Besides, you can buy pillows for neck pain, pillow for stomach sleepers or pillow for side sleeper if you are having trouble with sleeping.

Warm lighting is a better selection. Light bedrooms including natural light and artificial light. Usually, it consists of three categories: general lights, personal lights, and decorative lights. General lights serve the overall purpose; while the personal lights are for private purposes and decorative lights create a beautiful effect, express the personal character of the owner as well as let the space more attractive for rest.

For overall lights in the bedroom, we must be noted that they need to be so gentle and warm. It should not be too strong or too white because this kind of lights in the bedroom will make your space look like lifeless, lack of relaxation and tranquility. If you select ceiling lights, you also need to select the kind of warm light and brightness projectors suitable ball.

The intensity is too strong or too weak hanged on the ceiling were reduced significantly ambiance. You can own an expensive ceiling lights if you want, but you can also find an item nice, unique and beautiful with affordable prices in many places. Lunar shape lantern with big size to hang in the bedroom is an example.

There are many types of lamps provide lights in the bedroom as dome lights, ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps. Whatever kind of lamps, the light must be flexibility, warm as well as easy to adjust and match the personality of the owner.

Using bedding drapes is a good decision. Bedding drapes have a long history as a symbol of the spirit of the modern family. It enhances the romantic and intimate atmosphere in a bedroom. For couples, it also brings a sense of security. For those who have insomnia or back pain disorders, you will need to choose an appropriate pillow for your purpose such as pillows for neck pain, pillow for stomach sleepers or pillow for side sleeper.

There have been many opinions both of experts and scientists recommended that we don’t place the electronic devices such as computer, TV, stereo … in the bedroom because of our healthy.

However, there is an undeniable fact that the majority of families have at least one TV arranged in the bedroom because the need to be entertained in a private space with the most comfortable position is a demand which is difficult to resist. Therefore, we should know how to limit the harmful effects of such devices while maintaining the entertainment needs of the user.

The problem becomes simpler if you have a large space on the 30m² space of a bedroom. Therefore, you can separate a sleeping area and a private entertainment area. If careful, you can separate the two spaces with removable curtains. Thus, you will not have to wonder anymore.

In case your bedroom area is limited, you should avoid placing many electrical appliances and electronics in the room. Placing the computer, television, stereo system…together in a small space will lead to an imbalance of energy, increasing the temperature in the room…that affects your health adversely. If have to choose, most of us would keep a television as an essential device, and if possible, add a sound system.

For sound system, we should use the wire speakers. To ensure aesthetic, we can go to these wires on the ceiling or inside the wall. If your area of the bedroom is smaller than 16m², stereo soundbar form combined with a subwoofer would be not a bad choice.

There are many things to consider when arranging a television in the bedroom. Absolutely, you need to avoid arranging the television facing the windows. Natural lights from the window will reduce the contrast of the television so that you’ll be quickly eyestrain. In case no other choices; you must use the window shade with dark and thick materials. Moreover, when watching, you are forced to pull the shadow to protect your eyes.

The best location for TV is placed on the walls perpendicular to the window. For the couple’s bedroom, the greatest idea is putting the TV at the foot of the bed. Hence, this will not be afraid of people blocked the view of the other person in the majority of cases.

In the mandatory case which television is set on the side of the bed, trying to put TV in the middle of the bed or close the end of your bed because if television put too close, it will cause problems for your neck to watch TV after a long time. Besides that, your television is closer; your eyes can be affected by the radiation easier. In the process of use, the television in the bedroom should be limited setting in standby. Alternatively, if possible, a TV should be located in a cabinet or shelf with doors (sliding doors are the best) so that when not in use, can shut the door.

We spend one over the third of our time in the bedroom. Therefore, it can be said that bedrooms are not only spaces for sleep, but also are our private times. For those who have illness, bedroom is also a place to rest and cure their ill, with some medical pillow like pillows for neck pain, you will never have to worry about starting a new day with pain. Especially, the bedroom is the private land of each couple. Honestly speaking, we can be ourselves when being in our own bedroom so that we will show out personnel as much as possible by bedding decoration. However, don’t forget that a bedroom is also a room for a good and deep sleep which gives us energy and better mood. In sum, you can decorate by our hobbies but you should consider above suggestions to have a better health.

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