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How to avoid Dust mites in a down pillow

Down Pillow is a commonly used bedding item which makes the sleeping experience all the most luxurious and comfortable. They ensure, to provide the essential support required for head and neck muscles after a long, tiring day and relieves the body aches by keeping your body in a well aligned posture.

A best down pillow is made up of the underlying soft skin of duck and goose birds and is usually light, fluffy and easily bendable which makes it suitable for all kinds of sleeping positions. Since, the pillow fill consists of a bird’s skin, it is more vulnerable to dust mites, bacteria and mold buildup. A Continuous surge of dust mites in beddings and mattresses can cause allergic reactions therefore it is very important to keep the pillow clean and dust free to avoid any kind of allergic reactions or other health problems. There are several ways to avoid dust mites in a down pillow such as:

  1. Fluff up and dust out the pillow every morning to let the air circulate through the layers of down fill and prevent the buildup of dust and bacteria.
  2. Put the pillows out in the sun every two weeks to clean and sanitize the pillow and dry out the entrapped humidity and moisture which is the major cause of bacterial growth.
  3. Washing the pillow covers and bed covers with a warm water also helps to keep the development of dust mites under control.
  4. You can also wash the pillow once in a month according to the washing instructions.
  5. Vacuum the bedroom carpets and curtains regularly and keep your room clean, airy and tidy especially if you live in a humid environment.
  6. Freezing a down pillow also helps to kill the bacteria and dust mites present in the pillow. Wrap the pillow in a large plastic bag and close it tightly, releasing all the air. Freeze the bag for 48 hours at least.

Some general lifestyle changes like keeping the pets out of the bedroom and avoid using the furry and stuffed toys on your bed can help greatly in keeping  the down pillow clean and clear of all kinds of dust mites and bacterial developments. Using waterproof and breathable mattress protectors and pillow covers will give your pillows a long life,  but replacing a pillow every few years at the most is also a recommended routine.

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