3 Simple Steps To Get Pure Water

Getting pure water is an urgent need of everyone’s daily life. We need water for drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning purposes etc. But getting the pure water is not that easy.

Generally, the water contains lot of impurities like hazardous chemicals, dust or dirt particles, bacteria or any other germs.

All these impurities have negative impacts on the health and so need to be eradicated before consuming water in any form.

“How to get the pure water?” is a common question. The question seems very simple but the solution to this question is very complicated and tough as there is no single best way to get the pure water.

We have a simple solution to end your confusion regarding this point.

1. Choose a water filter that suits your local water environment

Water filters are the best way to purify water these days. But the variety of options available, and with every option seemingly the best one, it is often too confusing to choose the best suitable water filter.

Factors that make any water filter the best water filter for you are:

  • Check your local administration’s water report: this report tells you about the source of the water, contaminants in your water and the level of impurity in the water that is served to your locality, so that you know exactly what is to be removed from the water that you will be using.
  • The water filter system must be of good quality manufacturing standards so that it gives a high efficiency performance.
  • The water filter system should work on optimized resources that are low service and maintenance, low electricity consumption and economical spare part replacement etc.
  • Shortlist few options among the water filters that serve the above purpose to eradicate just that contaminants perfectly that are most abundant in the water that you are using at your premises.

2. Buying a good water filter among shortlisted options in step 1

Once you have checked the local water environment, next thing you need to do is buy a good water filter system.

  • The reverse osmosis system based water filters are the highly efficient water filters.
  • First and foremost point to keep in mind while buying a RO water filter is to check the manufacturing and performance standards.
  • Compare various options based upon cost, service charges, ease of use, and usage warranty and life time of the equipment.
  • The RO system that is easy to install and has easy to replace parts such as filters, hoses and motors is a better choice.
  • The Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System that can be easily serviced briefly by the user himself without paying hefty charges to the service people every six months is a good buy.

3. Manage your water filter system

Just buying and installing a good water filter is not enough for getting the pure water. The water filter needs a proper management and routine based service.

How to manage the water filter system:

  • A regular brief service after every 6 months and a detailed service annually is necessary to keep the water filter working with good performance.
  • A regular check for any leakages is to be made because any such water leakages may lead to motor damage or reduced efficiency.
  • The output water must be checked after every six months and necessarily after each service  for quality and purity levels.

The above is a simple approach to getting pure water without much effort.

The best piece of advice is “Do not fall for any Marketing tricks used by the various manufacturers to attract customers. Go by your knowledge and requirement and never hesitate to check genuine product reviews by the current users.

7 Toughest Dirt Piles On The Carpet

Everybody loves the idea of having a clean house with carpets maintained well for years. No matter how good you look after your belongings, they are due to get dirty with food, beverages and other items anytime sooner or later. The maintenance of such valuables is not such a big deal now. You just need to have a good backup plan for cleaning whenever a spill occurs or it gets dirty due to rough usage. Your response time matters a lot in case of an emergency spill on the face of the carpet.

The 7 toughest dirt piles and how to deal with them:

The following list will tell you about 7 of the toughest dirt piles along with their treatment:

Coffee spots – Coffee spots can be the toughest type to deal especially when it forms over a light color. If that is the case, then take a paper towel to blot the spill. Make a mixture of vinegar and non bleach detergent with water. Take a sponge, dip it in the solutions and rub over the spot very gently. Don’t be harsh on the stain as it would damage your carpet instead of making it clean.

Blood stains – There are cases at times when you cut your finger with a knife and the blood drops spoils the carpet. The response should be quick and always remember to use cold water as hot water coagulates the blood which makes it even worse. Take a spritzer bottle, add 2 tsp of dishwasher detergent, add cold water and spray over the blood stains. Use a paper towel to dry after waiting 2 minutes.

Ink marks – Such marks can havoc carpets and needs immediate treatment. Take a white damp cloth, dip it in isopropyl alcohol and then dab the wet cloth on the stain. Make sure that you don’t rub it or it may damage the material with alcohol. Treat the spot gently and remove the stain with soft hands. You will see that the stain would get lighter gradually as you treat it gently.

Pet stains – Stains on carpets are a normal thing in houses with pets. For treating any stain caused by a pet, moist it if dried and apply over a special stain removal for pets. Gently rub it with a damp cloth. Use vinegar as well, which will give a nice odor.

Kool-Aid marks – It can result in horrific stains which can be very tough to remove. Begin by blotting the mess with a white damp cloth. Take a spray bottle and add dishwashing liquid, white vinegar and water. Spray it over the spot and wait 5 minutes before drying up with a clean paper towel.

Alcoholic beverages – The unpleasant odor produced with alcoholic beverage spill is worse than the stain it produces. Use cold water and mix it with detergent solution. Dip a sponge and dab over the mess. Wait 5 minutes and dry it using a paper towel.

Nail Polish – You can remove it just as you remove it from your nails. Take a sponge and put some nail polish remover over it. Gently rub it over the surface and dry using a damp white cloth. Don’t rub hard, just soft strokes in circle and it will be removed.

Tips for removing dirt and stains:

  • Only use compatible cleaning solutions for your carpet.
  • Try to respond quickly in case of a spill.
  • Always dab on the surface to blot and never rub vigorously.
  • Vinegar mixed in cleaning mixtures would give pleasant odor.
  • Read care and maintenance instructions from the tag of your caret and act accordingly.

All stains can be treated and you just have to look the right way of doing it. Make sure that the cleaning agents you are using are compatible with your carpets. Never compromise on the quality of stain removing solution if you are using them in order to clean the stain as if you choose to get a cheap one you may ruin the colour and tecture of your carpet. Your response time for some stain mark matters. So, respond quickly to make life easier.

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